Branding Case Study

Client: Govlab

Govlab approached us with this amazing idea of creating a series of online conferences to gather experts from all over the world to discuss important issues for society.

Smarter Crowdsourcing is a method that combines rigorous problem definition with crowdsourcing to attract diverse ideas from global experts and rapidly develop those ideas into actionable proposals.

Branding System

We came up with the hexagons idea. The basic idea of interconnections is built in the hexagon shape. The branding system was created with the central idea that as the project evolves the brand would also incrementally evolve. The central concept of Govlab itself revolves around the idea of iterations, and that is one of the core values we wanted to convey in the system. The logo system is composed by one main colour and one accent colour for the whole system. It also takes one accent colour for each project, that complements the two base colours, for project specific material.

We develop a logo and accent color for each theme always following the overarching branding guidelines.

Claudio's deep familiarity with the civic tech community and the values of open government combined with his clean and clear aesthetic means I can, generally, tell him my idea in words and get back a visual design that clearly and powerfully conveys my vision.

Beth Simone Noveck

Founder and Director of the GovLab

Digital Platform

A big part of the branding project was dedicated to the design of the online platform to host the conferences information and reports.

Project Page