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We build design systems to help non-profits streamline their branding and digital product development

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Design System

In 2019 and 2020 we worked with 360Giving to overhaul their branding and interfaces. They had multiple products in multiple in multiple platforms, each with its own interface and frontend codebase.

We created a design system for them, where their team can easily pull standardized components to be used in any of their products.

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360Giving Branding System
360Giving Branding System

The system improved their work in a four fronts


Providing easy and quick code snippets to be re-used across the products.


The re-use of components provides to their internal team the capacity to assemble interfaces with little input from designers.

UX Quality

The re-use of components across products, we create a consistent user experience, lowering the cognitive friction when interacting with any interface of their suite.

Technical Quality

By leveraging the components each product is always using highly semantic and accessible markup and very robust and responsive css, to make sure the components work in the ever increasing variety of devices. This results in better accessibility for visually impaired people and better search engine results.

360Giving Branding System
360Giving Data Standard Documentation
360Giving Data Registry
360Giving Resource Library