Branding is the sould for you project


In most cases the branding is part of a larger engagement where we are either working on a Publication, Interface or Design System.


Following the Strategy work, CCM team will work on a concept, to guide the branding work as a whole. This usually takes the form of somewhat abstract ideas, which will define the iconographic research.

For example, when working on the Tech Spotlight brand, we based the work on two concept words: the spotlight, for obvious reasons, and a crown. The crown came from an association exercise where we understood that the function of the whole project of identifying and choosing these public innovation initiatives was the act of giving them a "crown" excellence. Based on these very basic concepts, we developed our visual research, and the logo itself.


Based on the concepts, CCM team will work on a visual research and competidor analysis, to understand the best visual styles to work on.

Concept Feedback

Usually, we set up a call with the client to discuss the concept and initial visual research. This is an important step to validate the concept and discuss which style to follow.


Once we have the concept and visual research defined, we will move to the design phase, where will choose typography, color schemes, etc. At this step we will explore many options internally, and once we are happy with our best option, we will present it. In most cases this option will be very close to ready, since it is based on a strong foundation of concept and visual research.


The deliverables for this service consists of the logo itself, in multiple file formats, and a short guideline document explaining the color scheme, typography, and main applications of the brand. This document can take different forms, but usually is either a PDF, or a section in larger documentation website.

Format and Timeline

This service takes from 1-3 months, and involves a 2-3 calls with the clients, and depending on how involved the clients would like to be in the process, could involve a couple of branding exercises.