Product & UX Strategy

Usually the starting point for most of our clients, this service is included in all the larger engagements as the initial stage. It consists of an in-depth analysis of the institutional objectives, user needs, and technical constraints.


The product/UX strategy regularly happens in three phases:

First, the CCM team will work to uncover the main pieces of information with the client's team:

  • Institutional objectives for the project and the main pain points they are trying to solve.
  • Project's audience
  • Project's constraints such as budget, timeframes, and technical limitations.

Second, after the initial interaction, the CCM team will work with potential users to uncover their main objectives and pain points. For example, understand what they are trying to accomplish, how much time they have for a specific task, where they are accessing the product, their technical limitations, etc.

Last, with the first two sets of the data collected, CCM Team will work internally to highlight the potential intersection between the institution objectives and their users' needs. The findings are then compiled into a recommendations report.


When we provide this service as a standalone item, the report goes through a typesetting phase to be presented to an external audience.

More often than not, the recommendations report stays as an internal document that will be used as the main briefing document to guide the subsequent implementation phases.

Format and Timeframe

The research and interviews usually take place through a few calls, video chats, and online exercises. The process spans from one to two months.